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Because I like to read the fanfictions from offline (thanks to my Palm), I had to copy chapter by chapter to Microsoft Word and send the whole file to my Palm.
Now, after 3 years and hundreds of fanfictions it was so uncomfortable that I've written a program which is able to do this automatically.

The new version got it's own webpage:
Some features: 13 different formats (RTF, PDF, ePub, Mobi, Lit...), Windows- and Linuxversion (Mac planned)....

Some asshole thought that it'd be "funny" to download the program several thousand times on the 11.11.2011.
All further download of fanfictiondownloader from my page are suspended for the rest of the month because the included traffic of my webpage was exceeded several times which will cost me a lot of money.
So for the rest of the month: Send me an email and you'll get a one-time downloadlink.

BTW: Next time you should think about hiding your IP address.... you'll get the bill...

Download v.4.0.6 Fanfictiondownloader.exe (recommended) (1.3 MB) Changelog


Download v.4.0.6 (1.3 Mb)

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