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Welcome to my new Website.


This page isn't maintained anymore and will be deleted soon. You can find the new and improved version of FanFictionDownloader on this page:


Diese Seite wird in Kürze abgeschaltet. Die neue und verbesserte Version des FanFictionDownloaders befindet sich auf folgender Website:


Here, you'll find german translations of fanfictions and some useful (multilanguage) programms which were created during hours and hours of freetime and train rides.

Happy surfing!

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Fanfictiondownloader (v.4.0.6)
- Download your favourite stories to your computer from some well know fanfiction pages. Select your favourite file format: Document, HTML or Mopipocket Ebook files

Screenlock (v.1.0)
- Secures your computer if you are away for a short break.

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